Growing up in a Norfolk seaside resort, it was hardly surprising my first paid photography work would be on a holiday park. Today the opportunities to make a hobby pay, as I was doing when snapping tourists in my teens, are as amazing as the technical and creative developments now available to aspiring photographers.

Versatility always seemed like a good attribute to have.  A good travel photographer, for example, might be a portrait photographer, architectural photographer, landscape, nature, events and even still-life photographer. Press photography too often requires a multi-genre attitude and should be admired for that.  So I would (and still do) approach all photo jobs with equal enthusiasm.

I currently provide commercial, editorial and PR photography directly or through marketing agencies to businesses and organisations in Great Yarmouth, Norwich, Lowestoft and throughout Norfolk, Suffolk and East Anglia.  I also feed broader editorial markets, shooting speculatively and on commissioned assignments for graphics companies, press agencies, national PR agencies and stock libraries. My work has been published in books, magazines and newspapers, both online and in print around the world.

Film making and videography is a new addition to my skillset and comes on the back of a long time passion for the film making medium as a communication tool.  There will be a new page here in the coming months devoted to video including a showreel so please check back. Other than commissions I am interested to hear from individuals and groups wanting to collaborate on projects.

While I serve a wide mix of corporate and commercial markets I still offer a service to individuals too. This might include promotional portraits for singers, dancers and musicians, model portfolio shots and art or conceptual portraits for promotional or art projects.

Yes, I shoot weddings and family portraits too. Not a popular admission among commercial or editorial photographers. It is a personal preference. I enjoy this work and believe there are techniques which are transferable between photographic genres so everyone benefits.